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Connecting Buisness Groups and People with Investment Opportunities Worldwild 

Connecting you with the right people in the right way. 

Surestada Investment was founded in 2012 it´s main services include connecting investment groups, individual ventures, companies and governments with business opportunities all over Latin America. 

We focus on areas like agriculture, farming, fishing, forestry, energy and industry, infrastructure, mobility and software. For many years now, this little country of South America, has earned its reputation of being a serious and safe “door for investment in latin america”. Uruguay's  political and economic stability has been the key to its successful development of various industries. Forestry, energy, agriculture and other areas such as tourism and software, has bloomed in this country that offers opportunities, not only locally but in the region and further. 

Our Vision
We offer a solid portfolio of contacts and a vast range of business ventures previously selected in the continent. 
Latin America is in a continuous process of development and growth, welcoming new industries and embracing the technology and requirements that are needed to improve production. This process has made Latin America a very interesting area to invest in. Surestada Investment offers a platform to connect investors with projects.
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Our Mission
At Surestada Investment we approach  people and business opportunities in a more personal capacity. 

Foreign interest in settling and investing in Uruguay and other countries in the region has increased in the last 5 years, and Surestada Investment worked along the process of connecting the needs and options for the many different profiles that confided in our expertise and experience. 

We offer investment opportunities for all range of capital ventures no matter the scale and work in finding the most adequate business opportunity with solid professional assistance and legal advisory in Uruguay and  Latin America. 

When looking to invest in local projects,  enterprises, companies, farming, or others, personal assistance is our main priority.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a local or international marketing opportunity or developing a new product or process, Surestada Investment is available to help turn your idea into reality.
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