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The 20 best democratic countries for Americans to move to after the pandemic.

If you're looking to move out of the United States once the pandemic travel bans are lifted, you might want to consider one of the following countries that we've rounded up.

Among other things, they have good weather, are welcoming to newcomers, and aren't too expensive to live in.

The US has one of the highest numbers of cumulative coronavirus cases per capita, has had a major spike in unemployment, and is already feeling the negative economic impact from the pandemic.

For our list, we looked at five metrics for democratic countries, including average temperatures, living costs, how welcoming a country is to migrants, the country's score on the Economist Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index, and declining daily coronavirus cases.

We then rescaled each metric to a five-point scale so that we could determine a total score across metrics and find our best countries. You can read more about our methods and data sets used here.

Based on the five metrics, Australia ranked at the top of the list because it's close to the ideal temperature, has a low average number of new coronavirus cases per capita, and has a higher welcoming-of-migrants score than other countries on our list.

Read on to see the 20 best countries to move to once the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

20. Sweden

19. United Kingdom

18. Malta

17. Philippines

16. Iceland

15. Denmark

14. Cyprus

13. Paraguay

12. Malaysia

11. Germany

10. Portugal

9. Botswana

8. Netherlands

7. Ireland

6. Mauritius

5. Spain

4. Tunisia

3. New Zealand

2. Uruguay

1. Australia


This South American country's cost of living is 34.8% lower than the US'. The country also has nice weather, with an annual temperature of 63.8 degrees Fahrenheit in 2016. Uruguay also has had a low number of reported daily cases throughout the pandemic relative to other countries. 

According to the US Department of State, you can travel to Uruguay without a visa for 90 days. If you are looking to live in the country either temporarily or permanently, you can visit the country's official website for the varying requirements and eligibility.

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