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Image by Etienne Girardet

With its third cellulose plant installing in the country, Uruguay has become a major player in the forestry business.  Today the country counts with more than 900.000 hectares

destined to forestry. 

There are many ways to be a part of the forestry business. We offer the opportunity to invest in an investment found, buy land apt for forestation or farms already cultivated.


Surestada has acquired a large portfolio of businesses  operating in the fish market around the world, connecting potential buyers with fishing companies in the quest of finding premium produce and competitive prices.

Image by Oziel Gómez
Image by Gustavo Quepón

Latin America is striving to grow with out commuting to lose its natural habitats. 

Sustainability is in the core of its development process and its foreseeing the need to invest in opening and establish other sources of power grids such solar systems and  eolic parks, these last, are becoming very popular in the region.

The Bio Bio. A region in Chile has become the second largest  region to generate eolic energy. 


Our long link to farming and agriculture in the country has given us the knowledge and experience required in the field to attend every aspect of the production  cycle. We offer our investors with many ways of participating in the farming business in Uruguay. 

Contact us directly for more information regarding our selection of land for multiple purpose and related business.

Image by Jan Kopřiva
Packaging Factory

Logistic represents a 3, 5 percent of Uruguayan economy, due to the fact that the country is part of the hidrovía  Paraná- Paraguay- Uruguay, therefore  considered a regional Hub. 

We have a vast offer of free zone logistics hubs: deposit, ports, airports, that is contributing to launch Uruguay as a major regional distribution center.

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